The Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

The Indiana Grantmakers Alliance (now the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance) is a nonprofit membership association serving the state’s community, corporate, family, independent, operating, private and public foundations, as well as corporate giving programs.  In January of 2013 the President/CEO of The Indiana Grantmakers Alliance (IGA) met with Metamorphosis Change Agents... Read the Rest »

Indiana Connected By 25

As a program initially housed within and incubated by the United Way of Central Indiana, Indiana Connected By 25 contacted Metamorphosis Change Agents in the spring of 2012 seeking assistance with the process of “leaving the nest” of the United Way and forming an independent nonprofit organization. Metamorphosis assisted... Read the Rest »

Indiana Music Education Association

The Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) is an Indiana organization dedicated to all music teachers and to the students participating in school music programs throughout the state. With the help of Metamorphosis Change Agents (MCA), IMEA significantly changed its structure, leadership, and plans for the future. MCA is  working... Read the Rest »