Dealing with Difficult People

Angry boss
It’s something we’ve all experienced: you’re working with a group or leading a team and there is always at least one person that you just can’t understand. Perhaps they’re an emotional manipulator, destroying your self-esteem, making you question your sanity, leveraging your guilt to their own advantage, or sucking... Read the Rest »

Leaders Gain Influence by Gaining Trust

You’ve heard it before: “people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.” What are these bosses doing that make their employees leave and seek out other leaders? While former employee and board members’ answers may vary in their specifics, the common denominator behind the final decision to leave... Read the Rest »

Leah York Joins the Metamorphosis Team

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Rebecca Kirby of Metamorphosis Change Agents is pleased to announce an addition to its Change Agent Team. Leah York, MBA, CAE has joined with Rebecca and will be providing assistance to organizations in need of growth and transformation. Some of Leah’s strengths include operations, leadership transition, board development and... Read the Rest »

Stages of Grant Proposal Writing: Fine Tuning Your Proposal

grant writing final touches
Statistics show that nine out of ten grant proposals are rejected by funders. That is pretty daunting and intimidating to say the least. All that work to put together a grant proposal knowing that the reality is that it will most likely be rejected. If you have followed our... Read the Rest »

Stages of Grant Proposal Writing: Covering the Basic Grant Guidelines

grant puzzle
As we discussed in Parts One and Two of our series, Stages of Grant Proposal Writing, grant writing for your nonprofit is an important aspect of your fundraising. We have identified four stages to grant proposal writing, and we already covered the first two in these blogs, which were... Read the Rest »

Recruiting Board Members – Some Tips to Keep in Mind

recruiting board members
Having the right members on your team makes all the difference between winning and losing. It is no different when you think about your nonprofit’s board. When we think about some of the most important traits for your board members, such thoughts come to mind: sharing a passion for... Read the Rest »

Stages of Grant Proposal Writing: Finding Funders and Cultivating Relationships

Stage one of our Grant Proposal Writing series discussed getting organized with your grant writing project. Onto Stage Two – Finding Funders and Cultivating Relationships. Back at the beginning of January, we published an article called Resources for Locating Available Grants. The two listed, and the Foundation Center,... Read the Rest »

Stages of Grant Proposal Writing: Getting Organized

Grant money
Grants are only one part of a nonprofit’s fundraising plan and should not be relied upon to completely sustain your nonprofit, but they are an important aspect. Grant writing begins long before you actually sit down to write a grant. For the next few blogs, we will cover four... Read the Rest »

5 Elements of A Healthy Nonprofit

nonprofit essentials
According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are currently over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. How do you as a nonprofit compete for funding and community support with such a large group of organizations trying to make the world a better place? One... Read the Rest »

Tax Deductions for Nonprofit Volunteers

When fundraising, we make a point to tell potential donors about tax deductions for their donations, but we sometimes overlook the ones who donate time rather than money. Volunteers are the life blood of any successful nonprofit, and it’s a good idea to regularly remind them about tax deductions... Read the Rest »